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Tenant Connect - launching soon - is a powerfully simple mobile app allowing landlords and property managers to conduct remote property inspections and generate reports in real time.

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Are you a self-managing landlord who enjoys stress-free property management solutions? Say hello to Tenant Connect, your trusty back-pocket companion in property inspections. 

They say nothing beats in-person quality control. Well, we beg to differ.

Picture this: No more driving to town or interstate to inspect your investment properties in person. No more juggling busy schedules. With Tenant Connect, you can remotely inspect your investment properties with your tenants. 

Our user-friendly mobile app is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring seamless usage and reliable reporting.

It's free to download on Apple and Android devices, and you only pay for the minutes you inspect. Say goodbye to tedious manual reporting and hello to instant, downloadable PDF reports. 

Ready to revolutionise your property management? Let's get started! 

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Remote inspections. anytime, anywhere.

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secure and reliable     |     powerfully simple     |     inspect with confidence      |     free to download     |     pay as you use     |      available globally     |     tenant login     |     streamline inspections     |     fully remote     |     save time

Property inspections made effortless for landlords and tenants

We know all too well about all the challenges in-person property inspections can pose: Long hours in traffic. Health considerations. Tenants not showing up. Logistical issues. 

With Tenant Connect, you'll enjoy the integrity of in-person inspections but with the added sophistication of a seamless digital user experience and the joy of streamlining your inspections from anywhere in the world. 

Embrace virtual interactivity with tenants and feel the power of efficiency with instant data-saving PDF reports after each inspection. 

Ready for a game-changer? Dive into a new era of property management! 


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done from your couch

Or the poolside. Or a chalet in Switzerland. Or your office. We're the first property inspection app that allows fully remote, real-time inspection and immediate report generation, so you don't have to leave your front door. 

save money

If you're a self-managing landlord who still pays a property manager to do your inspections, get ready to take charge. Save money by doing all your inspections yourself for a fraction of the cost, and from anywhere in the world. 

save time

Imagine powering through five property inspections and generating reports all in one day. Ah... what will you do with all that extra time? 

Why tenant connect?

stay safe

By not having to attend an inspection in-person, it removes the health risk associated with being in regular contact with people and multiple environments. Stay safe - stay home! 

happy tenants

Your tenants will love having the ability to leave comments on the entry condition reports, check information and enjoying their privacy without the need for constant in-person inspections. 

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help is here.

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Our support team is ready to answer your questions and help you to get the most from your InspectingSmart app. 

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