how our property management inspection app works

We've streamlined the Tenant Connect property inspection process into five simple steps, making it effortless for self-managing landlords, property managers and tenants. 

Step one - Download the app

Setting up and configuring your properties

Start by downloading the Tenant Connect app on your Apple or Android device - it's free! Once you're in, configuring your properties is a breeze. Add property details like location, tenant information and property specifics (bedrooms, bathrooms, and more). Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can navigate through the setup with ease. We've designed it to be detailed yet straightforward, ensuring that even your 85-year-old grandmother can use it. 

Step two - Schedule your first inspection

Seamless tenant invitations and payment setup

Next, it's time to schedule an inspection. You can send a meeting invite to your tenant through the app. Tenant Connect allows you to add your credit card details for call payments, ensuring a smooth process. Your tenant will also need to download and install the app, but they won't need to add credit card information. 

Step three - The Inspection call

Real-time virtual inspections, just like a pro

When the scheduled time arrives, both you and your tenant start the app for a virtual video call. The tenant's main camera streams live video and audio to you in real-time. You can maximise or minimise their video, allowing you to inspect different parts of the property and make comments as you go. You can guide your tenant to zero in on specific areas and capture information like dirty/clean, broken/undamaged. It's like being there without being there. 

Step four - Generate report

Instant PDF reports for easy record keeping

After the inspection call, the magic happens. The app instantly generates a detailed condition report based on the information you documented during the call. It includes all the key bits you need - property conditions, notes, and even pictures taken during the inspection. You can now review the report to ensure accuracy - and the app automatically saves it to our server so nothing is lost.  It's a game-changer, saving you hours of manual data entry. 

Step five - Share and download report

effortless review and communication 

After reviewing your automatically generated report, you can instantly share it with your tenant. If you've done an entry inspection, your tenant will have seven days to review the condition report and make comments. Everything happens through the app for ease of use and efficiency.  Communication and record-keeping become a breeze, and you can maintain a transparent and positive landlord-tenant relationship. 

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