How does tenant connect work?

Tenant Connect is a cutting-edge but easy to use rental property inspection app that allows self-managing landlords and property managers to remotely conduct entry, exit and routine property inspections with ease. It's very user-friendly and intuitive. Read our How it Works page to learn more. 

Is Tenant Connect available worldwide?

No. At the moment Tenant Connect is only available in Australia. We will progressively launch Tenant Connect in other countries in 2024.

Do tenants need to install the Tenant Connect app?

Yes. Landlords, property managers and tenants need to have the Tenant Connect app installed on their smartphones to participate in remote inspections. Tenants also have an opportunity to upload comments to the app following the entry inspection.

How much does it cost to use Tenant Connect?

The app is free to download. You, as the landlord, only pay for its use during actual property inspections. The cost per inspection varies depending on the duration of the live, remote inspection. 

Can I use Tenant Connect for in-person inspections too?

Absolutely! Tenant Connect is not limited to remote inspections. You can use all its functionalities for an in-person inspection as well, enhancing your flexibility. Use it the way that it works for you! 

Is my data secure and private on Tenant Connect?

Yes, your data is securely encrypted and protected. We prioritise your privacy and data security.

Can I review inspection history with Tenant Connect?

Yes, you can easily access and review all inspection history, helping you track property changes over time. 

Can I use the app for multiple properties?

Yes. The Tenant Connect app allows you to set up and configure multiple properties. All the data from each property inspection will be securely stored and organised within the individual property.

How does my tenant use Tenant Connect?

Your tenant will have their own login and will use the app for the duration of the inspection. They'll also be able to leave comments on the condition of the property, but they won't be able to override your information. Tenants will also receive a PDF after each inspection via email. 

Will I be able to see the history of data from previous inspections?

Yes. The app will automatically save each comment, photo and condition update in the relevant stream so that it's easy to view historical information for a specific room or maintenance issue. 

I have another question that's not covered on this page.

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a direct email with your inquiry - tim@tenantconnect.com.au



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