We didn't think there was a better way to do property inspections, either.

Like you, we thought, "Ah well, it is what it is. I have to get it over and done with." 

Until we learned property inspections - entry, routine and exit - occupy an average of 60% of a property manager's time. Not to mention the fuel costs, traffic headaches, tenants not showing up, health risks, and endless paperwork that add to the unpleasant equation. 

Nothing about traditional property inspections is fun. 

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the idea came from a moment of utter frustration.

During the first big pandemic lockdown in 2020, Tim Morris - CEO of the self-management platform RentingSmart, was hit with panic and frustration. Suppose he cannot inspect his rental properties for the unforeseeable future. How will he stay on top of maintenance, reporting and overall protection of his expensive investment? 

He had become a self-managing landlord and grew RentingSmart to what it is today from a desire to take charge of his investment properties and look after them with diligence and care... only for that resolve to have gone pear-shaped. 

He thought 

"If only I could do my property inspections remotely with the same thoroughness as an in-person inspection. Wouldn't that be nice?"

And, each time he had to write up an inspection report, he thought to himself

"Why is this taking me so long? Am I the only one who hates this tedious data-entry process?

So, we did a sanity check and asked other RentingSmart users if they shared Tim's sentiments. 
This is what they said: 

"Arranging and doing inspections are a logistical nightmare."

“I find it so stressful to book an in-person inspection. It’s my least favourite part of property management.”

“Keeping records of everything is such a schlep.”

“As a tenant, I hate it when my space is invaded.”

“I pay my rent and I'm a good tenant. I’d love some feedback on my routine inspections!”

so, why did we create tenant connect for self-managing landlords and busy property managers?

to save you loads of money.

to keep you safe and healthy. 

to save trees by ditching paperwork.

to impress your tenants

to help you protect your investment.

to lighten your mental load.

to keep you ultra organised.

to give you back your time.

to make inspections more enjoyable

imagine a world where you could smash out ten property inspections in one day, not leaving your desk, not missing a thing and generating a report with the click of a button. 

We also imagined such a world.
And THAT, my friend, is why we created Tenant Connect. 

"This is the one inspection app self-managing landlords, property managers, tenants, and myself have been waiting for."

Tim Morris - Lead Visionary, Tenant Connect

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