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Welcome to a world where property management is no longer a chore but an empowering experience. 

We offer self-managing landlords and property managers a simple and streamlined way to conduct property inspections with confidence and integrity. With Tenant Connect, you can remotely inspect your properties via a video-call function in real-time with your tenant, input comments as you walk through virtually, and generate a downloadable PDF report instantly. 

Still keen to inspect your properties in-person? No problem! Use the app in a way that works best for your needs. 

Our mission is clear: to empower landlords and property managers like you by providing a tool that puts you in control and helps you achieve your financial goals more efficiently. By choosing Tenant Connect, you're joining a global community of forward-thinking landlords who embrace innovation. 


"I miss inspections because it's a logistical nightmare to arrange it."

"I find it so stressful to book an in-person inspection."

we heard you say:

"as a tenant, it violates my privacy to have someone poke around my stuff."

"i forget to book routine inspections!"

"keeping records of everything from one inspection to the next is a challenge."

"I hate creating a report after each and every inspection. it takes forever."

so we sprang into action.

the vision behind the app

Tim is a family man, golf enthusiast and a relentless innovator. 

As a property investor himself, he was frustrated by the complexities and costs of traditional property management. And when the first lockdown came, he still wanted to conduct his property inspections with the same thoroughness as in-person visits. Health considerations, social distancing and the need for increased efficiency sent Tim on a mission to provide an alternative inspection solution that empowers landlords and property managers, and is a joy for tenants to use.

His passion for technology paired with a commitment to support self-managing landlords and property managers led him to collaborate with top-tier app development specialists. Together, they crafted Tenant Connect - a game-changing solution that combines innovation and user-friendliness. 

"This is the one inspection app self-managing landlords, property managers, tenants, and myself have been waiting for."

Tim Morris - Lead Visionary, Tenant Connect

how it works

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secure and reliable     |     powerfully simple     |     inspect with confidence      |     free to download     |     pay as you use     |      available globally     |     tenant login     |     streamline inspections     |     fully remote     |     save time

using Tenant Connect is as easy as...

Download the app and configure your properties




The app is free to download and available on Apple and Android. Follow the prompts to set up your profile and configure your properties. Remember that your tenants must also download the app. 

Schedule and conduct your inspection via a remote video call with your tenant! Pay per inspection based on the duration of the call. You can be as specific as you wish. Input relevant information and date-stamped photos in real time. 

generate and share the condition report

it's almost here! secure your spot

Inspect with confidence

The app automatically generates a downloadable PDF report containing all the details you've entered during the inspection call. Review the report straight after the inspection and share it with your tenants. We're all about saving time and simplifying the inspection process. 

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Our support team is ready to answer your questions and help you to get the most from your InspectingSmart app. 



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